Latvia, Talsu district, Kolka.

..:: Project sold! ::.. 

We offer you an exclusive project and a plot of land BRIZES, located in the geographical center of Europe, on the seashore, along the sea trade routes from Europe about their entry into the Gulf of Riga, in protected dune area of Slitery National Park.

Land area of 23.57 hectares, with a magnificent beach 640 meters long, is ideal for creating an exclusive private residences or elitist complex for recreation and sports.

The plot is located on a shore of the Gulf of Riga, in the territory of Slitery National Park, 
3 km from Kolka, in the Slitery parish of Talsy district. The distance from Riga is 100 km, from Yurmala - 75 km, from Stockholm - 300 km.

All the territory of the plot is overgrown with sunny pine forest. There is 2-storey building on it. In times of the USSR territory of the land plot was in the border zone, where access was denied, so here wilderness was preserved in its original form, with centuries-old pines, broad dunes and sand beach.

The territory of land plot BRIZES is the only territory in Slitery National Park of mixed public and commercial use, 
where construction of buildings is possible. The rest area of Slitery National Park is an especially protected zone, where any construction is prohibited.

On the east the plot borders a sand beach of the Gulf of Riga, the length of coastline - 640 meters. On other sides land plot BRIZES is surrounded by forests of Slitery National Park.

On land plot BRIZES is possible creation of exclusive private residencesor elitist complex for recreation and sports with guest house, restaurant, tennis courts, sports grounds and Yacht Club.

The land lot has approved detail planning and architectural planning task.

In case of the construction of a tourist complex, there is possible financing of the project from the European Community funds.

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