Longoz Alfa

Bulgaria, Kamchiya.


The lot is located on the shore of the Black Sea, in the Kamchia resort, in the primeval preserved area. It is surrounded by age-old forest, 100 meters away from the seashore and 300 meters away from the Bulgarian Amazon River - the River of Kamchia.

The distance between Kamchia and Varna is 25 kilometers. The international airport, which receives charter flights from Moscow, is located in Varna. The flight takes only 2 hours and 20 minutes.


Kamchia is the most unique resort on the Bulgarian seashore of the Black Sea. It is located 25 kilometers from the sea capital of Bulgaria - Varna, within the National Nature Reserve «Longoza», which is guarded by UNESCO. This is a fabulous place of extraordinary beauty, with age-old trees and primeval clean nature! 

The unique combination of soft sea, forest and mountain climate is especially favorable to treat lung diseases.

Especially valuable mineral springs take a revitalizing and invigorating effect in the treatment of diseases of cardiovascular system, nervous system and support-motor apparatus.

The sea is warm in Kamchia. It is 3-5 degrees warmer than in Albena or in Golden Sands, not deep and convenient for swimming. The beaches are clean and very wide, with fine golden sand, including the famous Kamchia Sands.

The picturesque estuary and spate of the Kamchia River are included in the unique wildlife nature reserve "Longoza", which is under UNESCO protection. The spate of the Kamchia River is 40 kilometers long (through the nature reserve to the estuary), and its width in some places exceeds 5 kilometers.

The spate is known for its fabulous variety of landscape and plant community. In the nature reserve one can see roes, deer, ospreys and eagles, wild boars, wild cats etc. 

In the lower reaches of the Kamchia River there is the greatest age-old forest in Bulgaria, the most northern representative of the Longoza forest in Europe. In order to preserve its primeval natural appearance, it has been declared a wildlife nature reserve in 1951.

The forest includes over 40 kinds of beautiful trees, different kinds of bushes. There are ferns, reeds, as well as yellow water lilies.

Kamchia is a new resort under active development. One of the main investors is the Moscow Government; in Kamchia it builds sanatoria for Moscowites.

In 2010, the Moscow Government finishes the construction of the international sanatorium-health resort "Kamchia" for children, which is being conducted near the lot; the owners of the property of the offered project will also be able to use the developed infrastructure of this resort.

The territory of the "Kamchia" compound includes: a health and treatment center with a balneological department; a modern Training center for scholars; a Sports center with a swimming pool, a covered field-and-track training ground, a football field, a gym and sports grounds; a cinema and concert hall, shops, as well as a pharmacy. Besides, there is a facilitated beach and a ready-built yacht quay.

Kamchia is an ideal place for calm and comfortable relaxation, far from the city buzz and noise.



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